Essential Skills for a BA Career

Dearest Readers, This is one of the simplest blog-posts. The intended audience for this blog […]

Skills for BA

Documenting Non-Functional Requirements

Dearest Readers, Whenever we work on a Project, the Business Users of that project/ system […]

Understanding Non-Functional Requirements

Dearest Readers, Requirements are the backbone of any Project and its a core competency of […]

Feature Comparison Matrix

Dearest Readers, In this Blog Post I will take you through one of the simplest […]

MoSCoW Method for Requirements Prioritization

Dearest Readers, As we all know, in any Project the Requirements are the key components of Project […]

Requirement Types with Examples

Dearest Readers, Here we go with another post for our BA Blog on Software Requirement […]

Questioning Skills – Requirements Elicitation

Dearest Readers, Proper Questioning skills is the simple way to get more out of your […]

BA Interview Preparation Watch-list

Dearest Readers,Do you have any interviews ahead?Hope you are preparing well for it. A Business […]

Who is a Business Analyst?

Dearest Readers, May be all of you start laughing by seeing the Title of this Blog-Post, […]

SCRUM – Lingo…

Dearest Readers, It won’t be wrong if I say, SCRUM has become the “Buzzword” these […]