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Who is a Business Analyst?

Dearest Readers,

May be all of you start laughing by seeing the Title of this Blog-Post, i.e. "Who is a Business Analyst?". At this stage, why this post? As all of us know more or less know about Business Analysis and what a Business Analyst means.

My objective of writing this Blog-Post is to just outline the highlighted activities which a BA performs from the start of Project to end. I tried to depict the basics of a Business Analyst Profile in the below picture, As a Picture speaks thousand words :)

A Business Analyst's Profile

I have come across many of friends who ask me "What is your role in the Company?", even though I answer, they do not get exactly what I do. Even people who wants to be a Business Analyst or switch from their current career to Business Analysis can get a high-level idea of the Business Analyst Role through this post.

Just to focus on BA Profile and to make it simple, I have not included other Stakeholders such as Project Manager, Developer, Architect, etc. in the above Picture. Hope this will give you the basic overview of a BA.

In my other Blog Post I had covered detailed Skill Set required by a BA. Below is the URL:

Added on 25 May 2013: As requested, adding the below Acronyms used in the above Picture:
  • BRD: Business Requirements Document
  • URD: User Requirements Document
  • SRS: Software Requirements Specification
  • FSD: Functional Specification Specification
  • SSD: System Specification Document
  • RTM: Requirements Traceability Matrix

As We Work...We Learn...


Sujeet said...

Very Well Explained the Job of a Business Analyst in simple Pictorial format for the Learners

Anonymous said...

Please take care when using acronyms, especially if the party to whom this is directed has no clue. Spell them out at least once.

Anonymous said...

Hey agree with the above please explain the acronyms... most visitors(Me included) to your blog will not know what BRD/URD/SRS/FSD/SSD/RTM.... what on earth do those mean...

Abhijit Patro said...

Thanks for high-lighting the gaps in this Blog Post. I have updated the Post with the required Acronyms.


Anonymous said...

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ben said...

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BA-Abad said...

What about the basic differences between a Business Development Executive & Business Analyst?

Roland Hesz said...

I have a few points about the diagram. First of all it shows a very waterfallish approach - I don't say that can't work, however I never in my life did any "hand-off sessions".

What usually happens is that I discuss the requirements with business, together with the business create a draft and immediately get feedback from the team. It is a very back and forth process, usually with constant involvement from the development side and it lasts until the requirement is delivered.

Dropping the document on the desk of the developer never works.

Another question I ponder often is: why do business analysts get involved ONLY after the project has started?

I think there could be value in involving the BA in the decision process on whether the project is needed, what the project goal, project vision is, and so on.

A good business analyst doesn't just document the requirements, he/she provokes, challenges, makes the business think and come up with better solutions - at least in my opinion.

And that approach can be very useful while working out the vision of the project.

Roland Hesz said...

All that said, as an introduction to the BA responsibilities and general work it is a good post.

The "in real life we do that step like this" information comes during real life projects, but it is a nice 'skeleton'.

hermes victoria said...

Thanks for the post.

Aravind Gogineni said...

Very good post Abhijit ... easy to understand. Thank you.

Keep posting.

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