Que. 1: What is Business Analysis?

Business Analysis is the art of managing the requirements and the business needs and synchronizing them in line with the strategic objectives of the organization. In order to implement this, one needs to understand that Business Analysis forms the base of the successful implementation of any Business Process or software management event in an organization.

Business Analysis is:
  • Analyzing a business for its process.
  • Identifying Current Business process of an organization by conducting numerous techniques to identify grey areas and addressing grey areas with perfect IT solution.
Business analysis also can be described as the sequence of activities which are implemented in order to assess the business requirement needs and to fit the required solution so as to bring around the success of the organization and business. 

Que. 2: Who is a Business Analyst? 

A Business Analyst is a person who:
  • Analyses the Business.
  • Acts as a bridge or a communicator between Business Team and the IT team.
  • Is able to bring in improvements, changes (technology, process, people, etc.) in an efficient manner.
  • Is involved during the Requirement gathering/analysis once the project is initiated.
Que. 3: What are the roles and responsibilities of a Business Analyst?
  • Identify the Stake Holders.
  • Gather Requirements from the stake holders by using various gathering techniques.
  • Preparation of Business requirement Document (BRD) and System requirement specification Document (SRS).
  • Obtaining Sign-Off (Approvals) on the Documents from the Stake Holders.
  • Consult Designers screen & help in preparing prototype.
  • Presentation and sign-off on prototype by the client.
  • Involve with developers in System requirement Specification review or walk through sessions in front of the Client.
  • High Level Test Case preparation,
  • User Acceptance Testing Participation.
  • User Manual Preparation.
  • User Training on the Product,
Que. 4: What are the various challenges faced as a Business Analyst?

As a business Analyst, one has to be an interface between the users and the technical team and provide regular support. Some of the major challenges which a business analyst faces are:
  • There are several software methodologies, technologies, documentation standards in the market and they keep on evolving. The business analyst has to be on top of such methodologies and trends to be successful in the profile.
  • The business analyst is regarded as the knowledge house regarding domain knowledge and has to keep on updating himself with the industry and company know-how to keep him at par.
  • There should be clarity regarding the requirements as they lay the foundation of the project. In case of any gaps, there can be huge repercussions.
    1. While requirement gathering the challenges that a BA faces.
    2. BA could not get requirement because of lack of knowledge among stakeholders.
    3. Some of the stakeholders are in a comfortable position and don’t want any change.
    4. Some of the stakeholders don’t want to lose their prominence.
    5. Conflict of Ideas among the stakeholders.

Que. 5: What are the key Qualities to become a Business Analyst?

A Business Analyst should have these qualities:
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Negotiability Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Adaptability Skills
  • Should have knowledge on the Software Development Life Cycle
  • Better to have basics of Technical Knowledge
  • Should have working knowledge on various tools like MS Visio, RSA, SmartDraw, etc.
  • BA should know about the Six Knowledge Areas:
    1. Enterprise Analysis
    2. Requirement Planning and Management
    3. Requirement Elicitation and Gathering
    4. Requirement Documentation
    5. Requirement Communication
    6. Solution Assessment and Validation